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Fundations® Information to Support Connecticut State Department of Education Reading CORE Applications

Appendix A: Reading CORE District and Publisher Proposal Template

The Fundations Proposal Template provides a table that explains in detail how Fundations® meets the required domains.

Appendix A. Fundations Template Completed

Fundations Program Overviews

The Fundations Program Overviews provide information about the program’s research base, summary of instruction in each of the foundational reading skills, and information about the activities and materials to support a multisensory structured literacy approach to instruction.​

Level K

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Fundations Evidence of Effectiveness

The Fundations Evidence of Effectiveness provides a full report summarizing research findings for the Fundations® program.

Fundations Evidence of Effectiveness

Fundations Response to EdReports

Fundations® offers a program more comprehensive than what is captured by the EdReports rubric. Fundations teaches both reading (decoding) and spelling (encoding) simultaneously with a structured language and literacy approach that explicitly teaches total word structure, not just systematic phonics. This and many other aspects of the Fundations program were not accurately reflected in the review. As a result, the true essence of Fundations is not captured, and comparison using the EdReports rubric does not represent Fundations’ significant differences with other programs. In this section, in addition to the Publisher’s Report and Background, please also consider the comprehensive evidence documents that detail misunderstandings on particular indicators across grade levels.

Publisher’s Report


Fundations Counter Evidence by Indicator Gateway 1

Fundations Counter Evidence by Indicator Gateway 2