WRS Steps 7-12 Practicum

In the Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Steps 7-12 Practicum, participants focus on advanced word study and application of reading and writing skills with progressively more challenging levels of text. The practicum requires successful delivery of a minimum of 50 lessons with an approved student, and submission of at least three videoed lessons for review and feedback.
WRS Teacher instructing student with sound cards

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Registration Process

Individuals interested in registering for this professional learning offering, should print and submit a completed Registration Form to Wilson Customer Support. We recommend that you review the course information below and contact us if you have any questions.

Schools and districts interested in exploring the option of including WRS Level II Certification for their teachers as part of a COMPASS Plan, are encouraged to contact us to start the discussion.

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  • Must be completed within 15 months from start date
  • At least 50 practicum lessons

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  • Submit a pretesting report on the practicum student, including educational history and current test results.
  • Deliver 50 practicum lessons (at minimum), typically completed in one school year, starting at WRS Substep 7.1 in accordance with the WRS Steps 7-12 Practicum Study Guide. The student must receive instruction in three 60-minute or two 90-minute lessons per week (at minimum).
  • Practicum student must reach WRS Substep 10.3 of the program.
  • Provide documentation of written lesson plans.
  • Submit a minimum of three videoed lessons for review and feedback.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in implementing all WRS procedures.
  • Develop teacher and student notebooks and compile students written work in accordance with WLT program standards.
  • Develop and maintain an Individual Progress Monitoring Record.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson plan procedures with an emphasis on both accuracy and fluency for the upper steps of the program (documented and approved by Wilson Trainer).
  • Demonstrate an understanding of advanced language concepts through accurate teaching with multisensory procedures.
  • Demonstrate student success and mastery of decoding, encoding, and comprehension skills.
  • Conduct posttest assessment and submit WRS Steps 7-12 Practicum Student Final Report, WRS 7-12 Proficiency Exam, and related documents after a minimum of 50 lessons and achievement of WRS Step 10.3.

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Practicum Student Selection Criteria

Select a student for the Steps 7-12 Practicum, then pretest using the WADE and an approved, norm-referenced test. The Practicum Student Pretesting Form must be submitted to a Wilson Trainer for review and approval. Once the Trainer approves the student, practicum lessons may begin.
The student must:

  • Have already completed Steps 1-6 of the Wilson Reading System
  • Have demonstrated mastery of Steps 1-6 on the WADE
  • Be available to receive three 60-minute or two 90-minute lessons per week (at minimum)

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  • WRS Instructor Manual
  • WADE (Wilson Assessment of Decoding and Encoding)
  • WRS Rules Notebook
  • WRS Dictation Book Steps 7-12
  • WRS Sound Cards
  • WRS Syllable Cards (Steps 7-12)
  • WRS Student Readers Steps 7-12
  • WRS Magnetic Journal with Phoneme Tiles
  • Electronic Spell Checker


  • Syllable and Suffix Frames
  • Stories for Older Students (Steps 7-9), if working with older students
  • WRS Student Workbooks (Steps 7-12)
  • Blank Index Cards

To order materials, visit our online store or view our catalog.

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Upon Completion

Individuals who successfully meet all requirements of this practicum are able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of dyslexia and related language-based learning disabilities.
  • Use assessments to identify students with word-level deficits who are appropriate for an intensive intervention.
  • Appropriately pace a student through the upper steps of the WRS curriculum, developing mastery of material taught, designing lessons that focus on accuracy, automatic, and fluency of word and text reading.
  • Accurately teach the structure of the English language (presented in WRS Steps 7-12): consonant & vowel phonemes, syllable structure, common orthographic rules and advanced spelling patterns including spelling option procedures, common Latin and Greek-based prefixes and suffixes, etc.
  • Further deepen the skills developed in Level I Certification.

Participants who have successfully completed this course are specialized in implementing all steps of the WRS program, but are not considered WRS Level II Certified unless they have completed all advanced courses.

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Graduate Credit

Three graduate credits (optional) are available through Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA, upon completion of course requirements. Please see Process for Graduate Credit for details.

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