Intervention Learning Community (ILC)

The Intervention Learning Community (ILC) is for educators utilizing Just Words®, offering them helpful resources and support to enhance their implementation.


  • Just Words InterActivities whiteboard application tool to help teachers prepare for class by practicing sound and word structure. This tool can also be used interactively with students in class (if whiteboard technology and web access are available).
  • Print materials to organize and enhance Just Words lessons, including cue cards, checklists, and worksheets.
  • Resources, such as lesson plans, student progress measurement, and student identification.
  • Video demonstrations of syllable types, tapping, and marking.
  • Expert tips.
  • FAQs.
  • Discussion boards.

 The ILC membership is included with the purchase of a Just Words Instructor Manual and/or upon completion of a Just Words professional learning workshop. For ongoing support, membership is renewable annually at no cost.