Intensive Learning Community (NLC)

The Intensive Learning Community (NLC) provides educators implementing the Wilson Reading System® (WRS) with essential resources and support.


  • Text passages, both enriched and non-controlled, to incorporate into Part 10 of the WRS Lesson Plan.
  • Print materials for teachers and students, including lesson plan guidance, notebook examples, word cards, and more.
  • Resources, such as lesson plans, cue cards, dictation pages, and group lesson forms.
  • Video demonstrations of basic WRS instruction and skills, including sound tapping and marking-up procedures.
  • Expert tips.
  • FAQs.
  • Discussion boards. 
  • Scheduled online chats.

Membership is provided upon completion of a WRS Introductory workshop or enrollment in a WRS Level I or Level II course. For ongoing support, membership is renewable annually at no cost.