Prevention/Early Intervention Learning Community (PLC)

The Prevention/Early Intervention Learning Community (PLC) provides educators implementing Fundations® with helpful resources and support.

FeaturesPrevention Early Intervention learning community  web page

  • Printable materials to enrich Fundations instruction, including worksheets, wordlists, and student reference materials.
  • Resources, such as learning plans, teacher checklists, materials management, and Unit test materials.
  • Video demonstrations of Fundations activities, syllable types, tapping, and marking for each Level.
  • Intervention resources, as well as Progress Monitoring tools.
  • Expert tips.
  • FAQs.
  • Discussion boards.

Membership to the PLC is included with the purchase of a Fundations Teacher’s Manual and/or upon enrollment in a Fundations professional learning workshop. For ongoing support, membership is renewable annually at no cost.