Building Sustainability

To sustain the literacy growth a district achieves when supported by Wilson’s Literacy Specialists, Wilson has also developed a series of certifications, which develop teacher-leaders and a culture of collaborative professional learning that enables school and individual development.

The path to building sustainability for each program is sequential, as visually depicted below. A summary of each certification with links to additional details follows.

Buidling-Sustainablity with Wilson Programs

Fundations and Just Words Facilitators

A district partnering with Wilson can develop Fundations® and/or Just Words® Facilitators as part of their COMPASS Plan.

Teacher-leadership is a growing concept in schools where teachers are expected to do more than provide instruction to students. These individuals are uniquely prepared to provide assistance and support to other teachers by promoting student achievement through fidelity of implementation, supporting the development of teachers’ skills and knowledge to use interventions, and training other teachers to utilize Wilson programs.

When this training is completed, Facilitators are able to:

  • Support effective program implementation.
  • Assist teachers by demonstrating specific activities or reinforcing the curriculum.
  • Assist and support teachers with an understanding of program materials, classroom setup, and access to Wilson’s online learning communities.
  • Schedule and facilitate ongoing study groups.
  • Use a variety of data to measure the outcomes of teaching and learning, independently and in collaboration with colleagues.

Fundations and Just Words Presenters

Fundations Presenters and Just Words Presenters are skilled Facilitators with Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Level I Certification, who have completed additional professional learning that allows them to conduct program workshops within their district. Presenter Development provides a district with the opportunity to effectively deliver workshops for new teachers or to expand implementation at significantly reduced costs. Presenters serve as knowledgeable resources for their colleagues and administrators and support program implementation with fidelity.

When this training is completed, Presenters are able to:

  • Understand how to deliver workshops with fidelity.
  • Know the why behind the workshop content.
  • Manage participant feedback.
  • Develop a strategy for preparing and presenting content.

Individuals who become Presenters are provided with comprehensive workshop materials, access to Wilson’s online Professional Community, and ongoing support from Wilson Fidelity Team members which enables them to conduct workshops within their district (dependent on program/Level credentials).

Wilson Reading System Certification

Wilson Reading System (WRS) Certification prepares teachers with the critical knowledge and skills to provide intensive support for students with a language-based learning disability/dyslexia, as well as those who are not making sufficient progress in an intervention setting.

WRS Level I Certification prepares teachers to use the program with individual students. WRS Level II Certification concentrates on successful delivery of the program to groups of students and advanced concepts of the structure of the English language.

WRS Certification training is rigorous and focused. When implemented in a school or district setting, certified educators develop a supportive community to share practices and information. Depending on their role, WRS certified educators may also coordinate program scheduling and material ordering for the district. WRS certified teachers support implementation with fidelity that is so important for effective results.

Educators who complete WRS Certification are able to:

  • Utilize a very sophisticated working knowledge of the sound-symbol system of English (phonology) and its structure (morphology).
  • Implement specific diagnostic techniques in the teaching of reading and spelling to an individual with a significant reading disability.
  • Demonstrate explicit teaching of fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Wilson Reading System Trainer Development

Each year, Wilson invites a limited number of applicants to train for one full year as Wilson Reading System (WRS) Trainer Interns. To be eligible, candidates must have completed WRS Level I Certification and WRS Level II Certification along with other prerequisites. Individuals completing this program serve as teacher-leaders who are prepared to support teachers new to or experienced with WRS as part of their job responsibilities.

Wilson® Credentialed Trainers guide and support WRS implementation in their district, ensuring that all teachers of WRS maintain the highest level of fidelity, which results in student success. Professional learning conducted by a district’s own Wilson Credentialed Trainer is at a significantly reduced cost.

Individuals who complete the WRS Trainer Development program are credentialed to conduct the following programs:

  • WRS Introductory Course
  • WRS Level I Certification
  • WRS Advanced Strategies for Multisensory Structured Language (MSL) Group Instruction Workshop
  • Wilson Fluency®/Basic Workshop

With additional professional learning, the Wilson Credentialed Trainer can conduct WRS Level II Certification.