Supplemental Readables: Geodes®

Rooted in the belief that children are capable of reading to learn while learning to readGeodes®, published by Great Minds® in association with Wilson Language Training, are a new collection of accessible, knowledge-building books for emerging and developing readers.

Named after the modest-looking rocks that contain countless crystals inside, Geodes® hold a surprising amount of interesting, complex, and beautiful qualities inside each of the four modules. Each book enables students to apply decoding skills while learning about important ideas in science, history, and the arts. 

These texts combine Wilson’s expertise in foundational reading skills instruction and Great Minds’ experience at building students’ content knowledge.  Geodes® align with both the scope and sequence of Fundations® and the module topics in Great Minds’ English language arts curriculum Wit & Wisdom™.



Geodes® are available for purchase through the Wilson online store. Click here for Geodes® Level K, here for Geodes® Level 1, and here for Geodes® Level 2.