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Fundations® Ready to Rise™

Help your students get “Ready to Rise” to the next level of Fundations.

A Boost for Rising First and Second Graders

Now more than ever, students need an opportunity to focus on essential foundational literacy skills that will help them confidently tackle the coming school year. The Fundations®  Ready to Rise™ program is designed to provide summer reading support or an intensive boost at the start of the school year in districts using the Wilson® Fundations program in regular classrooms. Designed to accelerate student learning by focusing on what needs to be learned to tackle upcoming grade-level material, this approach readies students for their regular Fundations lessons.

Foundational Skills for Rising Students

Students currently in Kindergarten who will be in first grade during the 2022–23 school year will be placed in a Fundations Ready to Rise™ Program for Rising First Graders. Students currently in First Grade who will be in Second Grade during the 2022–23 school year will be placed in a Fundations Ready to Rise™ Program for Rising Second Graders. 

Ready to Rise Components

Each Fundations Ready to Rise™ lesson is typically 90 minutes, divided into three components.

Word Study Component – 30 Minutes

Transcription Skill Component (Handwriting and Spelling) – 30 Minutes

  • Letter Formation/Automaticity
  • Spelling
  • Sentence Dictation/Punctuation

Applications and Fluency Skills Component – 30 Minutes

  • Application of Skills
  • Fluency with Connected Text

Ready to Rise™ helps teachers organize for and accomplish accelerated learning by: 

  •  Identifying a small number of key foundational skills essential for the next school year’s success;
  •  Focusing on the mastery of those key skills;
  •  Assessing students to determine progress toward that mastery.

Learn more about how this approach aligns with research-based recommendations in our latest Stories and News article. Also, check out this article by David Steiner and Barbara Wilson on the importance of adopting an acceleration strategy and its key features.


Learn about implementing Ready to Rise.

Ready to RiseTM Materials

Like Wilson’s materials for Fundations, we offer comprehensive program materials for Ready to RiseTM that allow teachers to confidently present a carefully structured program. If Fundations materials are already on hand, only the following materials will need to be purchased. See a full list of materials recommended to implement the programs. For more details about each item, please visit our online store.

Instructor Materials

Instructor materials include a day-by-day Fundations Ready to Rise™ Teacher Guide. The Teacher Guide is easy to follow and divided into the three components, providing clear directions for 20 days of instruction. Minimum instructor materials include: 

  • Ready to Rise Teacher Guide
  • Baby Echo
  • Standard Sound Cards 1
  • Trick Word Flashcards 1*
  • Manuscript Letter Formation Guides*
  • Letter Formation poster, Large Letter Formation Grid, Large Dictation Grid

*Contact Wilson for cost-saving alternatives

Student Materials

The Fundations Ready to Rise™ Student Practice Notebook conveniently includes all practice materials for each student. These notebooks are consumables and will need to be purchased again the following year. Minimum student materials include:

  • Student Durables 1
  • Ready to Rise Student Practice Booklet