Wilson Reading System® (WRS) materials for both teachers and students are extensive so that the focus can be on diagnostic instruction. All WRS materials use a color-coded and numbered system for a highly organized reading program.

We are very pleased to provide advance notice of the new Wilson Reading System 4th Edition – available January 2018! To learn more, please visit our 4th Edition page.

WRS Deluxe Set

WRS Deluxe Set (3rd Edition)

All materials and texts are phonetically controlled, containing wordlists, sentences, and short stories that incorporate only the elements of word structure that have been taught up to the corresponding lesson.

Two levels of vocabulary are provided within all of the substep materials. Level A words, sentences, and stories are appropriate for elementary students, English language learners, and older students with limited vocabularies. The words, sentences, and stories in Level B are appropriate for students beyond elementary grades with advanced vocabularies.

The WRS program content, design, and materials were built with sensitivity to the issues of diverse learners, including race, culture, nationality, language, gender, and socioeconomics. The program aims to avoid the depiction of stereotypes or misrepresentation of populations. There are no pictures in the materials, so no visual stereotypes are presented. The program has been reviewed and approved by the California State Board of Education and meets the state’s rigorous social content standards.

Wilson also recognizes that there are regional differences in pronunciation of certain sounds and words. The WRS program allows for these differences by incorporating them into the program. When the teacher works with students, they will use the regional pronunciations as applicable and discussions of sound-symbol rules will be modified to reflect the regional pronunciation.

Materials for Implementation

The WRS Starter Set provides the Instructor Manual and other basic materials needed by the teacher to begin teaching the Wilson Reading System, Steps 1-6, to one student. The WRS Deluxe Set and Standard Set provide more extensive materials.

Each student requires, at a minimum, a Student Reader for the WRS Step being studied, the Magnetic Journal with Letter Tiles, and the Student Notebook.