Instructor Materials

The Wilson Reading System® (WRS) instructional materials listed below provide teachers with the tools needed to implement a structured literacy program.

We are very pleased to provide advance notice of the new Wilson Reading System 4th Edition – available January 2018! To learn more, please visit our 4th Edition page.

Materials for the 3rd Edition may be purchased as a Deluxe Set, Standard Set, or Starter Set.

Instructor Materials

Instructor Materials in the WRS Starter Set (3rd Edition)

The Deluxe Set contains all teacher and student components, including supplemental materials for Steps 1-12 of the program.

The Standard Sets provide most teacher and student materials for Steps 1-12. Choose Set A to instruct elementary or English language learners; choose Set B for students beyond elementary grades. You may also consider Set AB to serve them all.

The Starter Set contains the basic items needed to begin WRS instruction.

The materials listed below help educators teach the WRS program with fidelity.

Instructor Manual: This manual offers detailed instructions on content and organization of the program. It provides an introduction, thorough explanations, program implementation guidelines, and lesson procedures for all 12 Steps of WRS in an easy-to-follow approach. Instructions for each substep of the program are organized according to the 10-part lesson plan. Extensive resources are included in the appendix.

Rules Notebook: Designed for teachers, this notebook contains the basic rules that govern the structure of words in English. It is divided into four sections: sounds, syllables, spelling rules, and irregular words.

Dictation Books: Designed for teachers, these are the source for extensive controlled lists of sounds, words, and sentences used in planning the spelling parts of WRS lessons for each substep. It is offered in two volumes: Steps 1-6 and Steps 7-12. Controlled wordlists and sentences for dictation are divided into A and B vocabulary lists for each substep.

Sound, Syllable, and Word Cards: Instructors directly teach all concepts by manipulating phoneme cards, word cards, and syllable cards. The material is presented by substep.

Wilson Assessment for Decoding and Encoding (WADE): A criterion-referenced pre- and posttesting tool, the WADE provides instructors with valuable information concerning a student’s current functioning level for both reading and spelling. It assesses sounds, words, nonsense words, irregular words, sentences, word spelling, and sentence spelling; provides low- and high-level vocabulary options; and offers mastery and achievement scoring. The WADE identifies students who would benefit from the Wilson Reading System®(WRS), and their placement and expected pacing in the program.

Wilson Academy/Intensive Learning Community: This online resource provides an animated version of the instructor manual with video support and a web-based community for teachers implementing WRS. It also contains additional resources such as: printable materials, expert tips, enriched and non-controlled decodable text passages, and discussion boards. The Community also includes guidance to teachers on considerations for English language learners whose first language is Spanish. Membership in this Community is provided to individuals that have engaged in WRS professional learning.

Wilson Fluency/Basic: Designed to provide explicit fluency instruction and reading practice, this resource can be used with students to develop the application of skills with connected text. It specifically corresponds to Steps 1-3 of WRS.

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