Student Materials

Students gain fluency and accuracy by practicing skills with a substantial amount of controlled text. Wordlists, sentences, and stories are 98% decodable throughout the entire 12 Steps of the Wilson Reading System® (WRS). The materials that accompany WRS are appropriate for all learners, including English language learners, struggling to decode and encode in English.

We are very pleased to provide advance notice of the new Wilson Reading System 4th Edition – available January 2018! To learn more, please visit our 4th Edition page.

WRS Student MaterialsStudent Readers: Containing phonetically controlled wordlists, sentences, and stories, Student Readers are divided into substeps that present new concepts in an orderly, logical format. Students gain accuracy and automaticity by practicing skills with a substantial amount of controlled text. Wilson’s two vocabulary levels (Level A and B) are included in each reader.

Student Workbooks: These provide supplemental activities designed to reinforce language concepts being studied. The workbooks correspond to the Student Readers. Level A is designed at a vocabulary level appropriate for younger students or English language learners. Level B is for adolescents and adults who have a higher vocabulary level.

Wilson Notebook: Contained in a three-ring binder for ease of use, this resource consists of the Wilson Student Notebook and the Student Dictation Book.

Magnetic Journal with Phoneme Tiles: This resource allows students to manipulate word parts in preparation for written work. Tiles are easy to manipulate and are color coded in ivory, salmon, and green.

Wilson Academy Student Materials: In the online Wilson Academy Intensive Learning Community (NLC), teachers can access additional student materials such as more decodable text and fluency drills for each WRS substep.

Stories for Older Students: These low-level/high-interest, phonetically controlled readers supplement Level B vocabulary stories in the Student Readers.

No Fish: This book of 29 poems supplements the list of supportive reading materials and are great for fluency practice. Appropriate for younger students in WRS (Level A, Steps 1-6).

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