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Teacher Appreciation Month

From the country’s largest cities to its smallest towns, Wilson educators are going the extra mile to instill in their students strong literacy skills and a love for reading, making a lasting impression on their colleagues as well! 

During Teacher Appreciation Month, more than 850 educators and parents shared how these inspiring Fundations®, Just Words®, and Wilson Reading System® teachers are rocking it in the classroom, and – given this unprecedented spring – from the home front. We thank everyone who wrote in to express the many attributes Wilson teachers have in common. 

They inspire. They are dedicated, creative, and compassionate. They are role models who are passionate about education and literacy, and above all, helping their students and colleagues bloom.

And they’ve been busy! They have mobilized to provide materials, resources, and support to students and families. They’ve learned new technology, recorded videos, and tapped into instructional materials and guidance available on Wilson Academy. They have set up their own homes with dry erase boards and letter cards for live or recorded lessons, many while juggling their own children’s homeschooling lessons.

In the coming weeks, we’ll share many of these inspiring tributes to exceptional Wilson educators and the bonds they have with students and colleagues. We begin below with:

Susannah J., who nominated her Wilson hero, Wilson Dyslexia Therapist (W.D.T.) Nicholette R. in Pennsylvania: 
“Nicki has been an educator for 42 years. Her commitment to the profession is remarkable. For the last 25 plus years, she has been a reading specialist and tutors students most days after school to help them with their decoding deficits. Nicki is Wilson certified (all levels) and continues to develop her skills by attending workshops, reading current professional literature, and walking the walk each day, all while helping students. 

“During this at-home learning challenge, we (colleagues) have been charged with supporting our intervention students in a similar way to what we do in our classrooms. That has been no easy feat! Nicki , myself, and several other reading specialists have come together to create collaborative lessons for students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade…Her expertise allowed students to continue their decoding journey- all from the comfort of their homes!”

In Ohio, Julie D. had this to share about veteran early education teacher Morgan S.:

“Morgan has taught for 20 years as a kindergarten or first grade teacher. She has dedicated much of this time using Fundations as a lead teacher in both Level K and Level 1. Morgan consistently supports the systematic growth offered by Fundations for students and fellow team teachers at these grade levels.

“Currently Morgan is sharing her online Fundations lessons with her kindergarten team and almost 100 students daily since Ohio schools closed in mid-March. She was the first teacher to pilot Fundations in our district and has extended her continuous mastery teaching with Fundations to this day. Her skill set has also extended into a new role as Reading Specialist for our kindergarten team in the fall of 2020.

“Most teachers understand that when observing a lesson taught by a master, it looks easy and smooth. Morgan uses her mastery of Fundations to educate a vast range of special needs to above average kindergarteners. Her lesson is fluid in adapting to student needs and presents vital new information and review opportunities. Morgan’s students are engaged and always trying, regardless of our high poverty rates every year. I am fortunate to walk into Morgan’s classroom each day as the kindergarten Title I reading support teacher and am consistently impressed with her skill level, mastery in her use of Fundations, as well as most other topics.”

Patricia K. shared these sentiments about her colleague, Christine M. a Wilson Dyslexia Therapist (W.D.T.) and Just Words Presenter at an intermediate school in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.:

“Christine is our ‘go to dynamo.’ If you have a ‘Wilson’ question, Christine will answer it or find out the answer for you. She is a mentor to us all.

“Since our shut down, she has continued to teach WRS and Just Words to her AIS Reading Students via Zoom. She has gone to great lengths to create a warm, friendly WRS learning environment in her kitchen, which she projects daily to her students. With the help of the Wilson Academy, she has created numerous WRS and Just Words Google slides lessons to share with the rest us in the reading department.

“She reaches out daily to students to support their distance learning and their social and emotional needs. She is a tireless advocate for Wilson reading instruction and a tireless advocate for the students of our district.”