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Virtual Implementation Support

Wilson Professional Learning at your fingertips.

What is Virtual Implementation Support?

Recognizing that limited time and distance are barriers to in-person sessions for many, Wilson now offers live, interactive support to educators, no matter where they are located. Called Virtual Implementation Support (V.I.S.), this professional learning is geared toward teachers who are new to Fundations® or Just Words®. It provides participants with the programs’ underpinnings and prepares educators with the content, organization, and instructional principles of each daily lesson. V.I.S. is delivered over the course of a school year by an Instructional Development Specialist.

The online format is well-matched to be used by a variety of schools and districts, including rural districts looking for professional learning and large urban districts expanding support to teachers in schools beyond the district’s designated demonstration site with onsite coaching. V.I.S. is designed to support educators after their introductory workshop and during their first year of instruction. This level-specific, online community of practice allows for the time and space needed to deepen skills, learn practical tips, and connect with peers across the country. “We’re looking at the next generation of Wilson® support,” shared Mark Foran, Director of Professional Learning for Virtual Implementation. “This lets us engage with more teachers and impact more students to help them become fluent, independent readers.”

Key Features of V.I.S.

How It Works

As part of Wilson’s comprehensive continuum of professional learning, Virtual Implementation Support promotes teachers’ understanding of concepts and instructional strategies. Five interactive sessions are scheduled at critical junctures throughout the school year with live 45-minute study group discussions on the upcoming units and concepts. These sessions also include opportunities to ask questions and learn practical classroom tips and teaching suggestions. A recorded version of each session is posted so teachers can review the strategies presented in the module. One-to-one meetings are available to those enrolled as part of a dedicated cohort with a district.

Enrolled teachers also receive Just-in-Time resources. Curated content is shared just when a teacher might find it useful, pointing to resources already available on the program’s online Learning Community (through Wilson Academy), such as demonstration videos, classroom organization and tips, printable resources, and much more. A discussion board monitored by an Instructional Development Specialist provides teachers with the opportunity to have questions answered and share ideas with teachers across the country.

[Virtual Implementation] provided me with ideas on how to reach students through a multisensory approach with a variety of interactive activities. Knowing there was a constant support system was helpful.

Linnea Fitzgerald, Middle School Special Education Teacher

Join the Next V.I.S. Workshop

Virtual Implementation Support is available through our COMPASS plan process with districts or for individuals. An Introductory Workshop is the required prerequisite to participate in V.I.S. For more information, contact Wilson’s Customer Support Center at 800.899.8454 or reach out via email.