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Wilson Accredited Training Partners

We partner with a variety of experienced providers to expand the availability of professional learning opportunities.

What Our Accredited Partners Offer

Wilson® Accredited Partners understand the importance of implementing programs with fidelity and share our commitment to professional training. Our Accredited Partners are authorized to offer professional learning opportunities for Wilson’s programs. The instructor’s specific credentials indicate which program and level they can support. A credentialed Fundations® Presenter, Just Words® Presenter, or Wilson® Credentialed Trainer is on staff or under contract with the Partner to deliver professional learning.

Integrity and Fidelity

Authentic professional learning is critical to maintaining the integrity and fidelity of Wilson’s programs. Wilson Language Training (WLT) only licenses Wilson® Accredited Partners, Wilson® Higher Education Partners, and Wilson® In-District Affiliates (qualified school districts under contract with WLT) to deliver professional learning. Any professional learning sessions that are delivered by others are not authentic instruction in the respective Wilson program.

Explore Professional Learning Opportunities

We encourage you to explore the professional learning opportunities offered by our Partners. Accredited Partners determine their own program schedules, registration, and enrollment; please contact them directly with your inquiry.

Why Select an Accredited Partner?

Wilson® Accredited Partner status affirms that the Partner was reviewed and meets Wilson Language Training’s standards for excellence in the delivery of Wilson® professional learning and business practices. The Partner may provide Wilson professional learning programs depending on their credentials: Programs supported by this partnership include Fundations®, Just Words®, and the Wilson Reading System®.

WLT approves Partners on an ongoing basis. If you are looking for a Wilson Accredited Partner to provide professional learning, please direct all communications and inquiries directly to the Partner organization rather than Wilson Language Training. The Partner organization will have information about their program schedules, registration, and enrollment. On-site professional learning for schools and districts may also be available through Accredited Partners.

Importance of Authentic Professional Learning

Students in our programs are most successful when instruction is delivered with fidelity by a qualified teacher or tutor. We know that student success depends on a teacher’s knowledge and skill. Therefore, Wilson is committed to upholding the highest standards for professional learning and certification in all our programs.

The Importance of Authentic Professional Learning

The delivery of a program without fidelity may not be effective; the student’s learning may suffer as a result. It is very important that schools, districts, and parents be able to distinguish between official Wilson training and other training that may use Wilson Language Training’s materials but is not authentic, official Wilson professional learning.

Eligibility to Conduct Professional Learning for Wilson Language Training’s Programs

Official Wilson professional learning is delivered in accordance with guidelines and standards set by Wilson Language Training® (WLT) and by a Fundations® Presenter, Just Words® Presenter, Wilson® Credentialed Trainer, or Wilson® Literacy Specialist. There are significant requirements to achieve an eligible status:

  • Presenters must complete both a Facilitator Certification and additional coursework, such as WRS Level I Certification, prior to participating in Presenter Development for Fundations and/or Just Words. It typically takes 1–2 years to complete the prerequisites for Presenter Development.
  • It typically takes three or more years to complete the prerequisites for the Wilson Trainer Development Program. This program takes one full year to complete and involves a supervised internship. Successful completion of the internship results in a Wilson Credentialed Trainer status.
  • Wilson Credentialed Trainers and Literacy Specialists must have an advanced degree, substantial experience in the education field, and demonstrated proficiency with Wilson programs and multisensory language teaching.
  • Eligibility to lead Wilson’s professional learning must be maintained on an annual basis.

Become a Wilson Professional

Taught by certified Wilson professionals, our offerings develop practical skills and enhance implementation of our programs.