Presenter Development

Fundations® Presenters and Just Words® Presenters are skilled Facilitators with Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Certification who have completed additional professional learning that allows them to conduct program workshops within their district (dependent on credentials).

Presenter Development provides a district with the opportunity to effectively deliver workshops for new teachers or to expand implementation at significantly reduced costs. Presenters serve as knowledgeable resources for their colleagues and administrators, and support program implementation with fidelity.

If your school or organization is interested in developing a plan that includes Presenter Development, please contact us to start the discussion.
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Presenter Credentials Offered

  • Fundations Level K Presenter Credential
  • Fundations Level 1 Presenter Credential
  • Fundations Level 2 Presenter Credential
  • Fundations Level 3 Presenter Credential
  • Fundations Intervention Presenter Credential
  • Just Words Presenter Credential

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Candidate should be in a position to support teachers and meet all prerequisites:

  • Recommendation of candidate by a Wilson Literacy Specialist.
  • Successful completion of the Facilitator Certification program within the past five years for the specific program/Level being pursued.
  • WRS Level I Certification.
  • Availability of candidate to attend the summer Presenter training and participate in an online course prior to that training.

Note: For a Fundations Level 3 Presenter candidate, the additional prerequisite of a Fundations Level 2 Presenter credential must be met first.

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One school year

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To become a credentialed Presenter, an individual must complete the requirements and proficiency measures for each credential being pursued.

Initial Credentials

  • Complete an online course associated with each Presenter credential being pursued. This course must be completed prior to attending the in-person Presenter Training Workshop. All assessments within the online course require a passing grade of 80%.
  • Attend an instructor-led Presenter Training Workshop held at the Wilson campus in Oxford, MA, and complete the post-workshop assessment within 1 week. A passing grade of 80% is required.*
  • Be enrolled in the Learning Community associated with the credential.
  • If enrolled in Fundations Level 2, Fundations Intervention, or Just Words Presenter Development, one must also enroll in and complete the WRS Advanced Word Study Online Course within one year from the Presenter Training Workshop.

* The in-person Presenter Training Workshop is a requirement for 2016 candidates pursuing any level, with the exception of Level 3. Once an individual completes this requirement, he/she must only complete the online course associated with the Presenter credential.

Maintaining Credentials

  • The individual must maintain the credentials yearly, as defined by Wilson Language Training®, to continue to conduct the workshop and the district must maintain the In-district License Agreement to deliver the Wilson professional learning.

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Upon Completion

Upon completion of the Certification, Presenters will be able to:

  • Understand how to deliver the workshop with fidelity.
  • Know the why behind the workshop content.
  • Manage participant feedback.
  • Develop a strategy for preparing and presenting content.

Individuals who meet the Presenter requirements are able to conduct workshops within their district (dependent on program/Level credentials). Presenters are provided with comprehensive workshop materials, access to Wilson’s online Professional Community, and ongoing support from Wilson Fidelity Team members.

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