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Fundations® Pre-K Activity Set

For our youngest early readers.

Fundations Pre-K for Administrators

Click on this link to view a video and learn how the Fundations Pre-K Activity Set introduces the skills necessary for success in kindergarten.


The Fundations® Pre-K Activity Set provides an introduction, or “pre-dose,” to the letter-sound and writing skills that are taught to mastery in the Fundations Level K program. It is not intended to provide a full pre-k literacy curriculum.


The skills taught align with those that the Report of the National Early Literacy Panel (2008) identified as strong and consistent predictors for the later development of literacy skills:

  • Knowledge of the names and sounds associated with printed letters
  • Ability to manipulate the sounds of spoken language
  • Ability to rapidly name letters, numbers, objects, or colors
  • Ability to write isolated letters or one’s name
  • Ability to remember spoken information for a short time

The Pre-K Activity Set strongly supports the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (2015), which expects that a preschool child “recognizes and names at least half of the letters of the alphabet” and “produces the sounds of many recognized letters.”

The set follows the same principles of instruction as other Wilson programs: It is explicit and systematic; interactive, incorporating multisensory instruction and motor memory learning; and offers ample opportunities for practice and feedback.

Explicit and direct instruction is conducted in a whole-class setting in the first semester and a combination of whole-class and small-group settings in the second semester.

First Semester

The focus during the first semester will be on teaching the alphabetic principle of letter-sound correspondence with the whole class. Students will practice:

  • Recognition of the alphabetical order of letters a-z
  • Letter name, keyword, and sound for the 26 letters of the alphabet (letter-sound correspondence)
  • Visual connection between the letter name, its sound, and its grapheme (or written representation)

Second Semester

Further development of letter-sound correspondence (alphabetic principle) will continue with the whole class, and letter formation skills will be introduced in small groups. Students will practice:

  • Letter formation for lowercase letters
  • Letter formation for uppercase letters
  • Association of a sound with a letter that is written

The amount of time for daily activities will vary, depending on where the class is in the school year and the number of students in small groups. Once students have learned many of the letters, more time will be needed for the activities, but it should not take any longer than 10-15 minutes for the whole-group instruction and 5-10 minutes for each small-group instruction (added in the second semester).

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To learn more about the importance of early literacy skills and how Fundations Pre-K activities support their development, download the Pre-K At a Glance handout.

To learn more about the Fundations Pre-K activities and materials, download the Fundations Pre-K Activity Set brochure. Details about Fundations Pre-K Activity Set materials are available on our Online Store.

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