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Fundations® State Recognitions

Learn about the states that have recognized Fundations® as a program that aligns to content standards or as a part of a state initiative.

State Recognitions

The following states have endorsed or identified Fundations as a program that meets state content standards. Some have selected the program as part of an initiative to improve literacy or address reading based learning disabilities.

Arizona: Supplemental/Intervention Programs

Arizona Department of Education has recognized Fundations as a “green” rated Supplemental/Intervention Program in K–3, meeting all criteria with ESSA-level evidence. Read more here.

Arkansas: Approved Science of Reading Programs

Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education recognized Fundations as an Approved Science of Reading Program in the area of phonics with an ESSA evidence rating of Moderate. Read more here.

California: Meeting Social Content Standards

Fundations, Just Words®, the Wilson Reading System®, and Wilson Fluency®/Basic have been approved by the California State Board of Education as meeting the state’s social content standards. Read more here. This means the materials contained in each of Wilson’s programs:

  • Portray accurately and equitably the cultural and racial diversity of American society.
  • Demonstrate the contribution of minority groups and males and females to the development of California and the United States.
  • Depict people in varied, positive, and contributing roles to enrich students’ school experiences.
  • Avoid inappropriate references to commercial brand names, products, and corporate or company logos.

Colorado: Approved Supplemental and Intervention Programs

The READ Act requires the Colorado Department of Education to identify quality reading instructional programs for optional use by local education agencies. Following the review process, the Wilson Reading System was approved as an Intervention Program and Fundations was approved as a Supplemental Program.

New Mexico: Structured Literacy Instructional Materials Adoption

Fundations (K–3), Just Words (4–8), and Wilson Reading System (2–8) have been added to the New Mexico Public Education Department’s list of structured literacy programs for grades K–8. Read more here.

Texas: Phonics Grant/Texas Regional Education Service Centers

The Wilson Reading System and Fundations are approved reading programs a school may select to support and enhance the implementation of the state Teacher Reading Academies for Grades K–3.