Using Geodes™

Using Geodes™ in the Classroom

  • Geodes™ are not a program but books that can be utilized as part of the core reading instruction, at the end of Fundations® lessons, during the guided or shared reading block, or in a small-group intervention setting.
  • As part of Tier 1 instruction, Geodes™ benefit all students as they encounter and decode pre-taught, familiar phonetic concepts and high frequency sight words in rich, knowledge-building, authentic text. Students can practice and develop their reading prosody and comprehension skills.
  • In Tier 2 instruction, Geodescan be utilized with teacher guidance to practice previously taught skills and concepts. 


Inside GeodesTM

Inside GeodesTM is a teacher resource with Book Notes that correspond to each Geode and include the Fundations® alignment, story summary, word lists (with decodable words, trick words, and words that cannot yet be decoded at the specific Fundations® Unit) discussion questions, and journal ideas. Explore Library Cat Book Notes here!