Have questions about the The Fundations® Virtual Resource HUB? Please review our FAQ below.

This page will be periodically updated as new information becomes available. Please contact us with any other questions you may have.


What is the FUN HUB?

The Fundations Virtual Resource Hub, or FUN HUB for short, is a web-based membership site that includes resources to support educators teaching remotely. This site is in response to school closures and the need to help teachers, elementary students, and their families learn at home.

Resources in the FUN HUB include:

For Teachers:

  • Access to a digital copy of the Teacher’s Manual, redeemed using the code in the front of the manual
  • Fundations InterActivities app, which is an interactive teaching tool including digital versions of Large/Standard Sound Cards, posters, and Fundations materials 
  • Videos by literacy experts demonstrating the Introduce New Concepts Activity
  • Fillable templates
  • General instructional guidelines for remote learning, including ideas for pacing, assessment, and delivery of lesson activities
  • An orientation video to orient users to FUN HUB materials

For Students:

  • Video demonstrations delivered by literacy experts to Introduce New Concepts
  • Video lessons by literacy experts for small group, targeted practice (for targeted instruction and intervention
  • Fluency Kit (Level 1, 2) 
  • Additional practice worksheets by Unit

For Families and Caregivers:

  • Video-based home tutorials on Unit concepts and tips for at-home support
  • Home Support Pack 

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Who will have access to the FUN HUB, how much does it cost, and when will it be available?

Schools and districts who are Fundations customers and are implementing the program have access to the FUN HUB at no additional cost for the 2020-2021 school year. The FUN HUB will launch by the end of August.  

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How will teachers get access to the FUN HUB?

Access will be provided in three ways:

  1. Access via Teacher’s Manual code. Teachers can use the same code in the front of their Manual that was used for WA-PLC access.
  2. Access via the Prevention/Early Intervention Learning Community (PLC). If teachers already have a membership in the PLC, they are able to “pass through” to the FUN HUB. Once they pass through, the teacher will need to register.
  3. Access via a district code. For districts with a specific type of Fundations plan, teachers may receive a specific code that was provided to the district. 

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Is the FUN HUB the same as the Wilson Academy Prevention/Early Intervention Learning Community (PLC)?

No, the FUN HUB is different and is housed on a different platform so that teachers may readily share videos and resources with parents and students. 
However, there is a link to/from the PLC and the FUN HUB so that teachers may go back and forth between the two.

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Will any professional learning in the FUN HUB be available to teachers?

A video orientation will be embedded in the FUN HUB to show teachers what is inside and how to use the resources. 

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Will the videos for Parents/Home be available in Spanish or other languages?

The videos will be only available in English, but the Spanish Home Support Pack will be made available through the FUN HUB and can be sent home for support.

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Is the FUN HUB appropriate for parent homeschooling?

The FUN HUB is designed to be used alongside the full implementation of the Fundations program and not intended to be used on its own.
However, if a homeschool teacher (e.g., a parent) has purchased the complete program to deliver at home, the FUN HUB will support that implementation.
Please note, the code in the front of the Teacher’s Manual will assist with accessing the FUN HUB.

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Will there be something similar for Just Words® and Wilson Reading System®?

We are happy to let you know that we will continue to make available the guidance and resources that were available this spring. These resources will be available via the Wilson Academy® Learning Communities for Just Words and WRS. More great news is that we are also in development of a WRS-type InterActivities which will include cards and the “build words” screens, and in the meantime we will continue to make JW InterActivities available to WRS teachers while you wait.

We also strongly recommend that as schools plan for delivering these programs remotely, the planning includes ensuring students have durables/manipulatives and their own print-based copies of student consumable materials for at home use: (Just Words: Student Challenge Book, Student Notebook, Student Composition Book) and (Wilson Reading System: Student Readers, Student Notebook, End-of-Step Assessment). The Fundations At-Home Student Packet Level 3 ($3.60/packet) would be a great low-tech and inexpensive solution for students to have a set of mock-up manipulatives for at-home use. The Student Consumables and Fundations At-Home Student Packet are available from the Wilson Store.

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